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Welcome to Sravan Yoga & Massage Mullumbimby

Matt adopts a holistic approach to achieving good health & well being by combining the ancient practices and teachings of yoga, remedial massage, exercise science, somatic therapies and trauma sensitive work. This will help you to; manage musculoskeletal imbalances and injuries, reduce pain, improve posture. Matt also has the tools and knowledge to work on emotional and mental imbalances that are often associated with trauma and nervous system dis-regulation.

Matt has extensive experience working with 1000’s of people on the yoga mat and massage table and his approach will empower you and provide you with your pathway to improved health and well being. Working with Matt will help you to feel more integrated and connected to your true inner essence.

Matt works from his home studio in Mullumbimby and also works as a massage therapists at Kiva Spa. He is now proud to be an accredited Yoga Therapist which gives him important tools enabling him to work with people one-on-one more effectively in a nurturing but potent way which provides a catalyst for change and healing.

HEALTH FUND REBATES with Matt are available for massage.

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Matt is part owner in the boutique Yoga Studio in Byron Bay known as Bamboo Yoga School where there are daily yoga classes and a Yoga Nidra community class. Click link for timetable.


Matt is a highly qualified and professional massage therapist specializing in remedial and correctional exercises. Matt does massage at his home studio (Wed & Thur) and Kiva Spa (Mon & Tue) .

Yoga Therapy

Through private consultation Matt tailors yoga therapy programs to the clients needs and conditions. This becomes a potent way that empowers people to make change and manage their  physical and mental health conditions.

Audio Tracks

Matt has professionally recorded 5 audio tracks for Breathing and Guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra). Listen to Express De-stress for FREE on Insight Timer. There is also a wonderful track for helping you to get to sleep. For the full track list and description see Rest & Relax track list_apr 2019  contact Matt for further information or to purchase.

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