“We cannot change anything unless we accept it”

Carl Yung

The old paradigm of addiction treatment has very low success rates for recovery and often addictions shift to other activities or substances and relapse is inevitable. Usually the underlying emotional and mental issues are not dealt with in what tends to be a complex and very difficult and even life threatening situation.

Matt’s mindfulness and somatic therapy approach uses “resting with awareness” and ” somatic inquiry” as the basis for addiction recovery. This approach can be considered the new model in addiction treatment where we are encouraged to turn towards the uncomfortable feelings and emotional pain in a loving and compassionate way. This therapy targets the underlying drivers that led to the addiction and also what keeps the behaviours in place. The key is this work is done through the body, as opposed to talk therapy or trying to “white knuckle” which doesn’t create lasting freedom. Matt creates a safe,  loving and non-judgmental space for clients to work through the ir underlying issues. In the somatic inquiry he skillfully guides and facilitates the process in order to uncover the deep beliefs and deficiency stories that create suffering.

Scott Kiloby, from the Kiloby treatment centre for addiction in California, has developed this method which truly allows for real freedom to be found. He is proof of this with his clarity and presentness and Matt has also began to experience this.  This method combined with the understanding and wisdom from the pioneering work of Dr Gabor Mate provides a holistic and nurturing way for people to reconnect with their true essence and to heal from addiction. Through Matt’s own journey he has had to find deep acceptance and compassion for himself, so now he can help others to do the same which is vital in the healing process. For more on Matt’s journey with addiction see his story.

See also Somatic Inquiry that explains the Kiloby Inquiries further.

These sessions can either be done in person at Brunswick Heads or via ZOOM.

→ Addiction Recovery consultations are 1hr – costs $70/hr.

What is addiction?

Most people think of alcohol and drugs when the word addiction is mentioned. The pioneering and ground breaking work by Dr Gabor Mate and Scott Kiloby in this field shows that addiction is something that is far more prevalent in our society and most people have experienced some form of addiction when we start including the following; gambling, sex, pornography, emotional eating, sugar & confectionery, exercise, excessive/compulsive thinking, excessive work, facebook, internet browsing, shopping and the list goes on. There are common drivers of addiction that include; trauma, shame, deficiency stories (core stories or beliefs) and external pressure from loved ones or family. 

Dr Gabor Mate

“Addiction is any behavior that any person finds temporary pleasure or relief in and therefor craves but suffers negative consequences in the long-term and can’t give it up.”


Scott Kiloby

“Addiction is the repetitive or binge-like use of substances or activities in a way to avoid having to feel emotions and sensations. Addiction is all about escaping into the future, towards the next drink, the next fix the next moment.”