The Kiloby Inquiries (KI) is a system of tools and inquiry techniques that are designed to work with bodily sensations, emotions and thoughts. This form of  looking-within has been developed by Scott Kiloby, who has worked with 1000’s of clients over the years and through his work at The Kiloby Center for Recovery in California.

These practices can be considered advanced mindfulness techniques that help a person to be more present with uncomfortable and painful feelings and emotions. It also navigates the complexities of the mind and ego to help deconstruct the stories and core beliefs that are limiting us or which are creating suffering for us. This approach works effectively with Trauma and PTSD as it provides a safe and supportive environment for the person to release and heal from past events. It has it’s roots in eastern philosophies of Vedanta (non-duality) but it is applied in a modern context making it available to all types of people.

The KI comprise two main elements being “resting with awareness” and “inquiry“. A KI session will weave between these aspects where the person learns to be fully present with whatever is arising in their experience and then inquiry is used to “bring-up” the deeper stories that are buried in the subconscious.  Often a person will say they feel lighter after a session, or they feel more open and clearer. Of course, things don’t just drop away after one session, the deeper conditioning and programming that most of us have does take time to work through and release but when it happens through KI it’s a real freedom and not something that just gets added to the intellect and programming.

A typical KI session is 1 to 1.5hrs and this is conducted by a trained facilitator. Once a person experiences the process they can start to incorporate the principles into their own life by learning to rest with awareness and to do simple self-inquiry. The real gem in this work is the facilitator holds a safe and non-judgmental space so clients can go to the painful feelings and sensations that tend to underpin human suffering. Furthermore, there is less chance of a person being re-traumatized as the facilitator is gently guiding and supporting the client to look within and work with the bodily energy, sensations and thoughts. The key is it’s all done in the present moment through non-dual awareness.

The application of this work is far reaching. It allows people to find freedom in addiction, it works with anxiety, depression, bipolar, autism, and other mental conditions. This includes excessive thinking, negativity, critical nature, phobias and the list goes on. Spiritual seeking and seeking enlightenment is another big trap which is revealed in the inquiry process.

If you wish to have a chat with Matt to see how this can help you then use the booking button below for a FREE 30min consultation by phone or ZOOM. Scott Kiloby has prepared a series of YouTube clips, What are the Kiloby Inquires  , also there is a series of  video posts on KI


These sessions can be either done in person or through ZOOM.

Consultations are $70/hr.