Family Yoga @ Mullum Commons

By March 16, 2020 News No Comments

Family Yoga is a fusion of yoga, circus, fun gymnastics and mindfulness. Matt does this in a playful and skillful way and he provides the space for all ages to participate which is when the magic happens! These classes will help to increase your awareness and create trust and connection in a supportive and loving way, honoring each person and the qualities they bring to the group. The classes are structured to give something for the body, something for the emotions and something for the mind. Each week a meaningful theme will be weaved through the various activities.

Mullum Commons is a learning co-op for children and families to come together in a safe, nurturing and inspiration space. Family Yoga is offered to members of the co-op and its easy to join for $20/week which gives you access to a wonderful space and activities. If you have any queries  or wish to join please call Matt M:04300 08 293