Do you have any Fulfilling Disciplines? These are positive activities that are in-line with your goals and higher intentions. Fulfilling disciplines are very effective when you are wanting to make change in your life whether that’s related to your health, your eating habits or personality traits that you may wish to change.

Examples of Fulfilling Disciplines include; regular YOGA practice and exercise, meditation/prayer, volunteering, eating healthy, learning a new musical instrument, helping others, taking dancing lessons etc.

Fulfilling Disciplines usually require some effort and can even be unpleasant but in the long term they really pay-off.  We live in a society of instantaneous gratification, always reaching for the next pleasurable thing whilst avoiding difficult situations or endeavours. This continual indulgence actually makes us weaker. Fulfilling disciplines are about making us stronger and taking positive steps towards the goals we have.

However, this does not mean that you need to wait forever to receive the “pleasure” from the activity. For example, say you want to start working out in the gym. You may think that this decision won’t pay off until a few months down the line when your body looks better. That’s not true! Chances are, you’ll feel better as soon as you are done your workout for the day (maybe even as soon as you make the decision!). You just need to overcome that initial internal resistance, and then you will be able to start reaping the reward of feeling awesome about doing something good for yourself. Maybe some of you already have fulfilling disciplines in place – if so well done and keep up the good work!!

In Summary: The great thing about Fulfilling Disciplines is that they can align with what you want most out of life. Think about what you want most right now – it could be a better body, clearer mind, improved flexibility, spiritual fulfilment, more social interaction, etc. The truth is, you can get what you want as long as you put in the time and effort.

Stop escaping your real desires with empty pleasures and start taking hold of your life by getting what you truly want!