Why Leafy Greens?

By December 28, 2014 Nutrition No Comments

Regular consumption of vegetables is paramount to good health – include vegetable of all colours in your diet – just like the rainbow! LEAFY GREENS are super beneficial, especially if you are active and/or you get muscle aches and pains.

You may eat vegetables regularly but do you have a serve of leafy greens each day? Wonderful leafy greens include; spinach, silver beat, bok choy, kale, carrot tops, cabbage and even herbs like parsley. Vegetables and especially leafy greens are an important source of vitamins and minerals. When you eat fresh produce it is the best and most efficient way to obtain your necessary daily requirements so you remain healthy and have good energy.

Leafy greens provide essential minerals such as;

  • Magnesium which is essential for bone strength, nerve & muscle function.
  • Iron which is used in production of red blood cells & oxygen transportation.
  • Calcium for healthy teeth, bones and muscles.

Leafy greens also provide many vitamins such as Potassium (energy use, fights infection), Vitamin C, B group (for energy, using fats & proteins. Also for cell growth and nervous system), Vitamin A (powerful antioxidant).

Source: Liz Cook’s Nutrition Chart and book “So what do you eat?”.