Remedial Massage – Health Fund registered

Matt is a highly qualified and experienced remedial therapist which enables him to work effectively and carefully with people to release muscle tension, reduce muscle/joint pain and correct dysfunctional muscle behavior that arises from stress, poor posture, injury and overuse.  Matt has extensive clinical experience in treating the following conditions; headaches, back pain/disc injury, shoulder injury/pain, hip pain and tightness, and muscle group imbalances. (i.e hammie/quad, back/abdominals, shoulder girdle, core muscles). Matt is registered with all health funds so rebates are available.

$80 for 1hr

Nervous system regulation

An overstimulated and hyper vigilant nervous system is a common phenomenon in this busy, stressful and uncertain world we live in. Matt has developed a restorative massage approach that combines a firm pressure with skillful touch that helps to relieve physical and mental tension which has an immediate affect on the autonomic nervous system. This form of massage helps to down-regulate an overactive nervous system and improve vagal tone which in turn allows for improved rest, digestion, rejuvenation and healing.

$75 for 1hr

Body work & correctional exercises

To help treat injury and correct structural and muscular imbalances Matt believes that a combination of soft tissue work and correctional stretches/strengthening is the most effective way to create change. This approach is drawn from physiotherapy which Matt learnt from working alongside senior physio’s over many years in clinical practice. This body work utilizes specialised muscle-release techniques which are advanced skills not generally taught in massage school together with correctional stretches, gym like exercises, hand weights, TheraBand, core strengthening, fit-ball practices and hydrotherapy. These all help to retrain muscles, open the body, and mobilise the spine, and reduce aggravation.

$40 for 30min
$70 for 1hr