Matt is back!

By March 16, 2020 News No Comments

Sravan Yoga & Massage Therapy is back after a good few years off-air since Matt moved from the Central Coast to Byron Shire in 2017. Wow so much has happened in the recent years. For Matt family life and establishing in new area and community has been the focus.

The recent years have been challenging for Matt both at the family and personal level. If you know Matt, it maybe a surprise to hear that he has been in active addiction recovery since 2015 (see Matt’s website for more on his journey).  Matt has been through extensive therapy and explored different avenues of healing and has completed Yoga Therapy training so there is a new outlook to how Matt works with some new modalities on offer being Yoga Therapy and Addiction Recovery through mindfulness. Information regarding this is now on the website.

Since Matt embarked in his yoga and massage business in 2007 he has been lucky enough to work with 1000’s of people both on the mat and massage table and he has had many amazing teachers and guides along the way not to mention his own experiences and challenges that have led him to grow and become more authentic and compassionate with himself and others. With this he is now in a wonderful place to offer his wisdom and skills and experiential knowledge with others.

The modalities on offer are:
– remedial massage & bodywork
– nervous system regulation (massage) to help create a nurturing and healing environment.
– addiction recovery through mindfulness & yoga
– somatic inquiry to help move beyond the deeply entrenched limiting stories (or scripts) and believes that most of us hold which lead to suffering and illness.

Matt offers a FREE 30min consultation by phone or in person so you can discuss your situation and/or learn more about how the above skills may assist you.