Yoga Therapy is a system of practices tailored to the individual’s health condition and needs. This holistic approach promotes health and well being on a physical, mental and emotional level. Yoga Therapy can utilize any of the following; movement, postures, breathing/pranayama, sound, visualization, meditation, cleansing practices/kriyas, relaxation and mindfulness. Yoga Therapy is a client centered approach which allows the person to be an active participant in their own journey of recovery and healing.

True healing begins to happen when you discover your true inner nature, when you start to make the unconscious more conscious. No one can do this for you, only you have the key to unlock the doors BUT yoga therapy can guide and help you on many levels.

Some common ailments and conditions that yoga therapy can help manage and treat are; muscular pain & tightness, constipation and digestive disorders, stress and adrenal fatigue, anxiety & depression, high blood pressure/hypertension, respiratory disorders (e.g. shallow or chest breathing, asthma, COPD), headaches and migraines, back pain and spinal/disc injury, cancer, weight loss, trauma,  insomnia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, MS and more. Matt specializes in addiction recovery, managing busy minds and critical/negative thinking.

Matt is more than happy to discuss with you how yoga therapy work, particularly if you have a particular condition or health issue call (M: 0430008293) or email Matt for a chat. Matt does this work from the Bamboo Yoga School, Byron Bay.


“I was lucky to have two consultations with Matt working on improving my health and well-being. He was really effective in helping me to do this. He helped me to feel relaxed about performing the necessary demonstrations and was tactful in making suggestions for changes. His style of communication was professional but also warm and friendly.

Overall I felt that Matt was highly informed and had an empowering approach to his role, with a real interest in supporting me with his knowledge and expertise. I was grateful to benefit from his help.”

Pauline, Byron Bay

May 2018