Your readiness

Do you wish to reduce your alcohol, marijuana or cigarette use or even remove it from your life all together? Is your sugar or food intake a slippery slope?  Have you tried to refrain or stop these or other behaviours without success? If so then this blog may interest you.

Substances that we consume or ingest repeatedly and that become hard to give up are in most cases providing a soothing for our body, nervous system and mind. No wonder it’s hard to give them up. I would like to tell you about an approach that utilises advanced mindfulness techniques as a way to manage compulsive or binge like consumption and behaviours.

This mindfulness approach is not about white knuckling your way through it or going cold turkey. Many of you may know that this doesn’t really work, or if it appears to often other compulsive behaviours creep in or escalate.

Let’s talk about the mind. Most of us living in this modern fast paced world tend to have a very busy mind (and life!). What I know from my own journey with addiction is that the busy mind is an ever-present force that overtakes us so its feels like we are living our life through our heads. This happens usually in-conjunction with being disconnected from our body.

So what can we do to manage the busy mind and addictive behaviours? If you wish to change your behaviour then it means you have a certain readiness to do something about it. It is this readiness that becomes the key to commence the process of starting to look within and to learn to identify less with thoughts and to become more present. At some point addictive behaviours become unmanageable and our health can be effected. In these times the readiness is likely to become greater as the need to “stop” the behaviour becomes greater. On the other hand, some people may not have the readiness to make change even if it is causes them great suffering, or becomes life threatening. This is totally OK, as no one can be forced to be ready.

Matt uses an advanced mindfulness technique known as the Kiloby Inquires (KI) which is a somatic therapy drawn from the eastern philosophies of Vedanta and non-duality but it is presented in a way that meets the many varied maladaptive behaviours that humans tend to develop in our modern and busy society. In a nutshell KI comprises of learning to “rest in awareness” and “somatic inquiry” . This approach provides a way for us to reach the deeper unconscious beliefs and habits that drive all of us. This approach is being termed the NEW MODEL in addiction treatment and recovery. It has deep lasting effects and creates a real freedom that many other approach are unable to reach. Most importantly KI focuses on the underlying drivers that are usually present in addiction, rather than focusing on the behavior which only brings more resistance and keeps it locked in the cycle.

So if you feel you have some readiness, or you want to learn more then give Matt a call, or book a 30min FREE consult,  or read more about KI at  Scott Kiloby has prepared a series of YouTube videos explaining this and more,  What are the Kiloby Inquiries   also there is  series of posts titled KIO .

Note: This work is done effectively through ZOOM or Matt can do in person at his studio in Brunswick Heads, Byron Bay.