Swadhyaya – the foundation of transformation

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self study 1

Further to the discussion in the previous newsletter about making change in 2017, I have decided to focus on the yoga practice of Swadhyaya. You may say “I don’t remember this posture?” . Yes this is not a yoga posture but it is a very valuable practice that is part of the overall system of yoga so i hope you enjoy the following information.

“The foundation of change and developing a different lifestyle is built with swadhyaya. Swadhyaya is often translated as “self-study”. It is a process by which you can know yourself and realise, know your mind, emotions, nature, character and personality. This is the beginning of swadhyaya, of self observation. The first is study of oneself and the second is study of literature which can more precisely deepen understanding and knowledge.” (Swami Niranjan Saraswati)

“We should use the SWAN principle to analyse, observe and deal with the personality. SWAN is an evaluation of our personality through four components: Strength, Weakness, Ambition and Need. We have to discover our needs and ambitions , and isolate the difference between the two. During this analysis, we often find that what we considered our needs are not really necessary. When we identify our needs and isolate ambitions, we become more focused and aware, and our desires automatically reduce. The focus shifts to developing strengths and, not hiding or focusing on our weaknesses.”  (Swami Niranjan Saraswati)

It is simple to do, all you need is a pen and paper and a willingness to be honest with yourself. If you are interested in this approach then i can send you more information, or i can even sit with you to help you complete a SWAN. It will only take 15 minutes and then this is a tool you can use at at other times when the need arises.