Warming to Ginger

Ginger is a wonderfully generous root herb to be used in cold weather. It is a stimulant and has a strong warming affect. It is used fresh and also dried which infact is more concentrated and penetrating.

Ginger causes sweating, neutralises toxins and helps digestion, absorption and assimilation of food. Ginger alleviates inflammation of the throat, the common cold, congestion and sinus problems. A wonderful natural remedy for winter.

There are many more benefits & therapeutic applications of ginger;

  • natural remedy for motion sickness & nausea
  • applied externally as a compress to painful joints and muscles to improve circulation and relieve pain. check this link to see one way to make a compress
  • stimulates the lymphatic system and dissolves stagnation of toxins and energy
  • when used in cooking it makes food lighter and easier to digest. I can aid in cleansing the intestines and it promotes healthy bowel movement.

Combine grated or sticks of ginger with lemon and honey to give you a greatly warming and healing tea.

Reference: Ayurveda – The Science of Self Healing. Dr Vasant Lad. Delhi, 2002.