Yoga & A.T. workshops

YOGA and the Alexander Technique

Do you wish to deepen your yoga practice by developing greater awareness of yourself and your habits of movement and thinking? If so then the Alexander Technique will help you to understand the importance of the spine and the idea of lengthening and widening in your posture. Specific ques and hands-on adjustment will be provided.
Applying the Alexander technique to yoga will not only help you practice yoga in a safe way but it will help you off-the-mat in other areas of your life, from walking to running to how you sit and how you lift an object. In fact these workshops will help you to understand and experience the science of good movement and co-ordination.

These two workshops will be facilitated by Matt Wierzbicki and Maddy Lock. Maddy is a fully qualified and practicing physiotherapist and Alexander Teacher.

Workshop dates: Sat 3rd June + Sat 17th June, 10.30am-11.45am.

Location: Norah Head Community Hall (75 Bungary Road)

Cost: $28 each, or $47 for both workshops.

There are limited numbers so to make a booking and secure your place go to the Class info page.

i) some yoga knowledge is 
preferred for these workshops
ii) the first workshops will focus on standing postures whilst the second will be a mixture of standing/lying.

For further information and reading on the Alexander Technique go to Matt’s Blog
(Cover illustration from the book Yoga and the Alexander Technique. Author David Moore, FM Alexander Melbourne).