YOGA & COOKING comes to your kitchen….

Matt has a passion for Yoga but also cooking wholesome tasty Indian vegetarian food. This cuisine is excellent for people with gluten & dairy intolerances.
Learn to cook Indian vegetarian food which will delight your taste buds and please your digestive system. These hands-on workshops are fun and you get to prepare different dishes and then sit down for a feast!
Learn the basics of Indian cooking and how to use the essential spices. Recipes are provided. It’s easy once you’re shown!

Some of the dishes Matt cooks are;

  • Dhal (lentils)
  • Kicheri (rice + lentils)
  • Subji (vegetables)
  • Samba (South Indian vege curry with coconut milk)
  • Hot chutney
  • Masala tea (chai) and more…

CONTACT MATT if you are interested in learning more.